We are a group of professional marketeers offering digital solutions for the Spanish-speaking markets.

About us: content, SEO, digital PR in Spanish

Langlade Digital is a digital agency that offers solutions to companies that need help for the Spanish-speaking markets. We create and curate content in Spanish, which includes copywriting, content marketing, localization, social media copy creation and transcreation. SEO, search engine optimization in Spanish, is another of our services. That is, we make sure your content is ready for Google. Langlade Digital also offers digital PR in Spanish, because promoting your products should always be a priority.

Since 2018 we have helped many companies from all over the world, mainly Europe, the United States and the Middle East. We wrote all their content in Spanish, for instance, marketing materials, interviews, news, blog posts and press releases. Similarly, their products got featured in the most relevant Spanish media, for example, El Mundo o El País. Last but not least, we localized their website and mobile content, and managed their social media accounts, among other digital solutions.

In these years, we have helped not only startups and medium-sized businesses, but also big companies and some of the leading and most popular tech corporations. We have experience in a variety of industries. From forex, casino, or iGaming, to retail, FMCG, marketing, technology, e-learning, sports and tourism.

In other words, if you need some help to boost your ROI in the Spanish-speaking markets, Langlade Digital has the answer. Find out more about our services and feel free to get in touch for further information.