Since 2018 we have helped our clients with their content marketing, copywriting, SEO, localization, ORM and digital PR strategies offering them multilingual digital marketing solutions to improve their reach and traffic. 

Copywriting, Content Marketing, SEO, Localization, Digital PR AND orm

Do you need to improve your lead conversion or get more traffic from foreign-language markets? In order to do so, you need to work on your content marketing, search engine optimization and digital PR strategies, and customize them for different markets and languages so you can make new customer contacts and convert them into sales.

Content Marketing
We can help you creating a content marketing strategy in languages such as English, Spanish, French or German. We can write high-quality content from scratch or localize your English content taking into account the nuances of every language. We can also create appealing messages for your social media accounts, like Instagram or Facebook. In recent years, content has been acknowledged as a key component of online marketing for any company, hence the importance of having the best content on your website.

Digital PR and Link Building
Creating a digital PR and link building strategy for your business is essential to increase your brand awareness and improve your online reputation.  We can get your brand featured in the most relevant media or top blogs in any language, and publishing press releases if needed. 

Last but not least, we can improve your results on Google for targeted keywords and get rid of your bad results with off-page SEO and ORM tactics. If you need a hand with on-page optimization, we can also help with that!

From strategic consultancy to developing a top notch digital marketing strategy. It all starts with a solid strategy that fits into your overall marketing plans. We are here to achieve it. Get in touch!


Our clients

Langlade Digital: content, SEO, digital PR in Spanish
Digital PR in Spanish: AdsSupply
Langlade Digital: content, SEO, digital PR in Spanish
Transcreation in Spanish: click2sell
Spanish content writing client
Langlade Digital: content, SEO in Spanish
Langlade Digital: content, SEO, digital PR in Spanish

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